Why you should buy flour straight from the mill

Nowadays, we cook more and more at home, because we want to make our favorite dishes ourselves and introduce our children to their taste. With curiosity, we reach for traditional recipes, modify and diversify them.

The secret of delicious dishes lies in the selection of carefully selected ingredientsów, including flour, without której baking a delicious bread or cake would be impossible. There are many types available on the marketów and typeów flours that have different uses and come from róproducerów. Why you should think about buying it directly from the mill? The answer to the indicated question is given below.

High-quality flour guarantees a successful taste

Culinary trends promote the use of productóin sourced from local suppliersów that can boast many years of experience and the use of ecological solutions. There are still mills like ours, whichóre successfully continuing the noble traditions of making high-quality flours and strictly adhere to strict quality standards. Flour bought directly from the mill is always the best choiceór, because the best grains from the local p are used in its productionól – Good flour is made from good grain.

Grains delivered to the mill must be clean, dry, with ideal baking qualities. In addition, the flour is properly stored, and before leaving the mill it is tasted and tested on specialized equipment. It is worth mentioning that each mill has its ownój own recipe for flour – we believe in the unique taste of food prepared in the traditional wayób food, so we do not use any enhancers and promote the natural production process. This results in a delicate and unique flour – produced in this wayób has a high baking quality. Owners of millsóIn doing so, they invest in the purchase of equipment that meets the highest quality standards and in the professional training of the people they employób. Milling passion translates into the taste offered by eachólne flour mills, so it is worth at least once to decide to buy it directly from the manufacturer and feel this incredible ródifference.

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