What you need to know about growing fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse

Controlled conditions „atmospheric”, Fighting pests with their natural enemiesów, protection from road pollution – these are just some of theóre advantages of growing in a greenhouse. Explore them all! Also find out what is the secret of the excellent taste of Polish strawberries.

Characteristics of growing fruitóThe representatives of the Ryczywole Horticultural Farm will introduce you to the newest products and vegetables in greenhouses.C., które is the winner of the Ogóln Polish Promotional Program „Doceń polskie”.

Company from Ryczywół (woj. Mazowieckie) runs the largest cultivation of raspberries under covers in our country, it also offers strawberries, blackberries, as well as tomatoes and cucumbersóground rki. In its current form, the farm has been operating since 2008, but the greenhouses it owns are more than 30 years old. In low season, the farm employs 60 peopleób, at the time of harvestingów number of employeeóin reaches up to 200 osób.

– Good and healthy food is one of our greatest passions, so we have a deep sense of responsibility and honesty towards our customersów – ensure the representatives of the farm from Ryczywoł. How the cultivation looks like in practice? – With humidity control, there is no need to use fungicideóin protecting the crop from fungal diseases. Control of air humidity and temperature allows you to create the most favorable conditions not only for plants, but also for natural enemies of pestsów damaging crops in the greenhouse. For example, in the fight against Spider mite, we are helped by the Greenhouse Dobrophylla. The optimal conditions for the development of the female Dobroczynka is a temperature of 25-30 degrees Celsius. Celsius and humidity above 70%. On field plantations, in the open, providing such conditionsów is not possible – emphasizes Jacek Pospiszyl, representing a Mazovian farm. In the greenhouse, there is also no problem of road pollution or acid rain – plants are safe under the greenhouse roof.

In the greenhouse, optimal amounts of fertilizer and water are precisely dosed by a device controlled by a computer program. Our weather station records atmospheric conditions (such as the amount of solar energy, the amount of precipitation, wind speed, etc.) and based on these parametersów manages the system – explains the representative of the farm. – In turn, róThe uniform dispersion of light helps provide plants with zróbalanced daily temperature. As a result, plant leaves continuously produce assimilates and convert them into sugars stored in the fruits – mówi J. Pospiszyl.

It is the prevailing atmospheric conditions in Poland that are the secret of the excellent taste of native fruitsów. Growing raspberries and strawberries does not require excessively high temperatures, but plenty of sunshine. – A temperate climate is more conducive to strawberry production than a hot one in southern Europe. High temperatures and sunshine during the day and cooler nights allow the strawberry to store energy, making the fruit sweet and juicy. In southern countries, the strawberry uses this energy to „cooling down” at night, intensely transpiring water, that's why strawberries sold on import from warm countriesów are sprouted and intensely red, but unfortunately not very sweet," concludes Jacek Pospiszyl.

Confirmation of the highest quality fruitóin the described company are m.in. Og certificatesóPolish Promotional Program „Doceń polskie” and TOP PRODUCT titles, whichóre the Lodge of Expertsóin awarded Dessert strawberry and Dessert raspberry. The title of TOP PRODUCT is honored only food, która from specialistsóin the food industry will receive maximum marks (the same „10”) for taste, appearance and value for money.

Fruits were awarded at the XXIV food attestation organized under the program „Doceń polskie”.

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