The “world’s youngest headhunter” has gathered the best specialists and continues to recruit

"The world's youngest headhunter" has gathered the best specialists and continues to recruit

Children's hospitals are backward. K Foundation.I.D.S. Seeks to upgrade them, but needs knowledge of Poland's biggest experts. But how to recruit them, and for free? With the help of exceptional headhunters – children who experienced what Polish hospitals are and who decided to recruit experts with personalized videos on LinkedIn.


The Children's Hospital Innovators Club is a unique foundation that brings innovative solutions and the latest technologies to children's hospitals. Since hospitals can't afford improvements that aren't in the basket of medical services covered by the National Health Service, the only chance to modernize service in hospitals is to get the know-how for free through volunteer competencies.

The "World's Youngest Headhunter" campaign sought professionals on LinkedIn. A series of invitations in the form of videos were addressed to specific professionals. Each of those selected by the young recruiters learned from the video what the foundation does and how their unique competencies can support it. After the recruitment, the experts who pledged their help were introduced to the current activities of the foundation and started as volunteer experts K.I.D.S.


Recruited real authorities in their industries Anna Strezynska, Rafal Brzoska, Jaroslaw Ku┼║niar, Inga Songin. A total of 103 specialists, who pledged a total of more than 4,600 hours of their time, the equivalent of almost 3 million zlotys.

Recruitment took place for free, and experts received…candy as part of their compensation. New experts are joining the action all the time.

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