Printer for home use – which one to choose

Printer for home use – which one to choose?

A printer is a device that used to be hosted only in offices, but is now readily available due to its unaffordable price and the cost of consumables. At home is useful not only for people who work remotely, but also for students and pupils. What you need to know about printers?

Types of printers – division in terms of printing technology

Manufacturers offer printers and MFPs based on two different printing technologies. Technology selection is a fundamental aspect of choosing a printer. Differentiate between laser and inkjet devices. The way of applying content and images is different, which makes them use different consumables. Printers also differ in terms of price, although laser devices, which were expensive in the past, are becoming cheaper and cheaper. For a laser printer to do its job, you need toner, or color powder. Placed in a container, it does not cause any dirt. It is pressed into the paper at the time of printing.

Inkjet printers do not use a dry printing technique, but a mocha one. For proper operation of the device you need ink. For example HP 650 ink you will need if you are planning to buy an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3515 E-All-in-One, HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2645 or HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2515 E-All-in-One. The ink also fits several other models of Hewlett-Packard devices. Wet printing technique is based on the fact that microscopic drops of ink fuse with the paper at the time of printing.

Remember HP 650 printer ink is not ink for every printer. Always buy the ink assigned to your printer company and model. The same goes for toners. And what is the essential difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer? A laser device prints more pages per minute, which means shorter printing time.

Print in color or monochrome?

The choice of printer depends on the type of materials you want to print. If you plan to print only black and white materials, a monochrome laser printer will be a good option because of its high printing speed. Laser printers have separate monochrome and color versions, which means you need to buy two printers when you need prints in both variants. If you want hassle-free printing in any color, for home use the best solution is an inkjet printer. For the previously mentioned device models HP 650 black printer ink you can order at https://www.print24.en/ink cartridge-chz0zae-black-65ml-original.html. Color HP 650 ink also buy without any problem. To always be able to print in black and color, you only need to systematically replace or refill ink cartridges.

Printer or multifunction device?

Mentioned 650 HP ink is adapted to the operation of some models of multifunction devices. These are devices that provide scanning and copying options in addition to printing capabilities. They cost little more than a classic printer, so they are definitely a solution worth considering.

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