Pressure cooker – how it works and why you should have it in your kitchen

We do not like to cook for a long time, but we like to eat well. Modern kitchen appliances are the solution for all whoóers want to cook healthy, tasty and… fast. In a well-appointed kitchen can not miss a pressure cooker.

Cook tasty and healthy

Preparing healthy and tasty dishes seems long and laborious.

Advantages of a pressure cooker

Name „pressure cooker” perfectly reflects the nature of the device – cooks quickly. The secret lies in the high pressure generated inside the device. It is the one that allows you to significantly shortenócić cooking time. It is estimated that by using a pressure cooker we can prepare dinner up to 70% faster than with the traditional form of cooking. At the same time, it should be noted that the user has a choice of traditional and quick cooking. Pressure cookers also allow you to reheat finished dishes and keep them hot for many hours. Can be steamed, stewed and baked. Among other things, this multifunctional device makes it easy to prepare one-pot dishes. Reducing the use of fat makes the food prepared in the pressure cooker easy to digest and low in calories, while being incredibly aromatic and tasty. Meet all the requirements of dishes in the fit category (See: You want to cook healthier?A blender próFruits!).

A few detailsółóin technical

Modern pressure cookers are equipped with a digital, touch-sensitive control panel, with the help of whichórego quickly and easily program the device. You can choose from a dozen róof various functions. It is enough to móc cook róhe variety of dishes from cuisines around the world. Oprócz you can manually set the parameters of the pressure cooker, which in practice gives you unlimited configuration possibilities. Noteworthy is the ease of cleaning – No one likes to wash for a long time after dinner. Thanks to the non-stick coating that covers the bottom of the pot, cleaning the appliance is effortless. Eldom pressure cooker boasts a temperature range of 30 – 160°C. This makes it possible to defendóThermal treatment of the productóin many waysów (cooking, braising, baking, etc.). The 5-liter pot is large enough to prepare dinner for the whole family in it. It is also worth turningóPay attention to the low intakeór current. The pressure cooker draws just 900 watts.

Why a pressure cooker is what you need?

Do you like it when „it does itself”? Program the pressure cooker and wait for the beep. You don't have to watch for burns or stir every so often.

You like dishes „in its own sauce” without additional fat? The pressure cooker will prepare it for you really quickly. And on top of that they will be tasty!

You like technological innovations and are more likely to program the device than use a traditional pot and pan? The pressure cooker meets all the conditions of a modern kitchen appliance.

You like to save not only time, but also money? By preparing meals in a pressure cooker, you save both.

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