Most touristsów associates this city with Nicolaus Copernicus and the taste of gingerbreadów. However, Torun has much more to offer. You can fall in love here especially with the atmospheric streets, Gothic architectural gems and delicious food. This Twój for the first time? We take you on a tour of Torun, full of flavorów, fabulous imagesóIt is also one of the most expensive maturing cheeses in the world.

For starters, a few sightsów…

You don't have to visit Italy's Pisa to take a photo under the crooked tower. Torun has its own, and it deviates by more than 5°. The medieval fortified tower is not only one of the most interesting buildings of Toruń's oldóIt is also the hero of the most famous legend about the origin of the city's name. This one says that the Vistula River, flowing towards the Baltic Sea, encountered a tower on its way, with którą got into a conversation. She told her about her podró¿s, and bash asked to swim to the sea together with the river. Unfortunately it quickly came to an argument. The Vistula River began to get closer and closer to the tower. Sensing misfortune, the basher begged for mercy móVistula, Vistula don't swim any further because I'm about to collapse. The unscrupulous riverów responded: – It's a sward.

Anyone who has been to Toruń will agree that the slogan „Gothic to the touch” perfectly reflects the specificity of the city. Unusual Starówka inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List without a complex ofów can compete with Krakow's. Walking among the Gothic buildings, it is not difficult to sense that the center of Toruń was not affected by World War II. Where you must stop?

A definite number one among theód monumentsóin Torun's StaróThe exhibition is composed of hundreds of photos, decorated not the only concentration of historical monuments in Torun. Going inside it is worth to close your eyes for a moment and move a few hundred years back in time, smell the aroma of bread sold at the stalls and blend in with the bustling crowd of stallholders and merchantsów. On the floor of the town hall in the Burghers' Hall, Polish kings were sometimes receivedólów. It is also necessary to go to the tower, from where there is a magnificent panorama of the city. If we have more time it is worth taking part in an organized tour of the District Museum. The guide shows you around the interiors of the city hall, Courtroom, shows cannons of Polish painting and numerous collections of exhibitsów.

A visit to Torun can not go without tasting gingerbreadów and discoveries traceóin the Nicolaus Copernicus University. The astronomer's house should be another highlight of your trip. Impressive from the outside, the building hides an even more interesting interior. In the Nicolaus Copernicus Museum established there, you can explore the scientist's workshop. This is not the only place commemorating an outstanding Polish scientist. Not sposób overlook the monument next to the Town Hall, depicting an astronomer holding an astrolabe.

In Torun there are two more monuments o róinn of great popularity. The first is a must-see for families with children. We are talking about the dog Filusiu, guarding the bowler hat and umbrella of his master – Professor Filutek. This charming work of art was created by cartoonist Zbigniew Lengren and is located in the Old Market Square. Next to the town hall is a monument to a raftsman playing the fiddle. The statue is surrounded by golden frogs, and the whole is a striking fountain.

Walking through the streets of Toruń it is worth to look at the richly decorated tenement houses. Some of the most impressive are the Tenement House under the Star and Dwór of Artus, in whichórym is where concerts and cultural events are organized. Lovers of sacred architecture should also visit the Churches of theóThe Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John's Cathedral. In the Basilica you can see Poland's largest medieval bell – The seven-ton Trumpet of God.

Starówka is not the only cluster of Torun's historical monumentsów. Moving away from the center, it is worth looking at the remains of the wallóin defensive. Three gates leading to the city have survived to this day – the Sailor's Gate, the Bridge Gate and the Monastery Gate.

Museums other than all

The itinerary of the tour has already included touches related to Nicolaus Copernicus, it's time to bake, taste and unwrap the history of Toruń's gingerbread housesów. A visit to the Live Gingerbread Museum is an absolute highlight of visiting Toruń, as evidenced by its first place on Tripadvisor's list of attractions. The museum is guided by the Gingerbread Master and the Root Witch. Under their watchful eye, visitors will learn about the medieval rituals of making dough. In the second part of the museum you can see the 19th century manufactory, and in it original gingerbread baking machinesów.

You are reading this article, and so you like smaller and bigger podróthat. A visit to the unique Museum of Podróżnikóin im. Tony's Hall. The exhibition consists of hundreds of photos, the ornateób ethnic, clothing and souvenirs from around the world, collected by podróżnikóin Elżbieta Dzikowska and Tony’ego Halik.

Attractions whichóYou will not find in a guidebook

Not everyone is fond of visiting the churchóin, the museum'sów or the ruins. Tourists visiting Torun will not be bored. The city is an excellent destination for long walks. The best place for a stroll overlooking the city and the Vistula shore is Philadelphia Boulevard.

In Torun you can also take the option of a 45-minute cruise on the Vistula River. Ships depart every hour from Philadelphia Boulevard. During the tour, passengers have the opportunity to glimpse the Old Town from a different perspective and listen to the history of the city.

Sports fans can plan a trip to Toruń taking into account the schedule of competitionsów slags. The city is famous for the sport, and the Motoarena Torun stadium is the most modern facility of its kind in the world.

A great interlude in exploring the city is a visit to the House of Legends of Toruń. During the interactive performance, viewers can move to the old Toruń and learn about the fate of the protagonistóin the local legends.

We also have a suggestion for partygoersów. Wśród Toruń clubsóat wyróis the GDR, with alternative interiors and an unconventional concert repertoire. If after an active day and sightseeing in the city you fancy a drink in such a climate, look at Browarna 6.

For those whoóhe visit to the house of Copernicus is not enough to explore the secrets of astronomy, the next point of the trip can be the Toruń Planetarium. Visitors here watch thousands of stars and space animations under a dome 15 meters in diameterów. The Geodium room has a number of interactive stations presenting natural phenomena m.In. Aurora borealis, earthquakes and tornadoes.

Where to eat – Toruń restaurants and cafes

In Toruń it is worth tasting not only gingerbreadów. Where best to take a break from sightseeing? Atmospheric cafes, restaurants and barsów is mass, especially at Starówce. Some are located in the basements of historic townhouses. For dinner, go to the Old Metropolis restaurant. Both establishments, at 26 Lazienna Street and 28 Podmurna Street, provide an excellent atmosphere and delicious Italian cuisine. Here you can eat one of the best pizzas in Toruń. The menu can be found at

Fans of the series „Friends” They absolutely must visit Central Coffee Perks. The restaurant has been decorated exactly like a cafe in któwhere Friends met. At Strumykova 2 you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while sitting on a distinctive orange couch.

On warm days, the best place to go is the Lenkiewicz Café at 14 Wielkie Garbary Street. The restaurant is famous for its delicious ice creamów unusual flavors, such as. Gingerbread or mascarpone with raspberries.

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