Onet builds Easter special service. Jigsaw puzzle a way to keep the user longer on

Onet builds Easter special service. Jigsaw puzzle a way to keep the user longer on the site

The high popularity of advertising projects related to the Christmas season prompted Onet to try to create a sponsored Easter project. It is becoming a standard that this type of campaigns implemented by the largest publishers give a reach of 110-130 thousand. UU. Fifth in a series of Onet case studies.


Product advertised:


Forms used:

sponsorship, advertising link, widget, page view campaign, commercial magazine

Scope of activities:

In 2013, for the first time, Onet created a dedicated Easter service in a version adapted for use on mobile devices. The Easter holiday service in the mobile version included the following links to sections: Recipes, Customs, Spring inspiration, Do your shopping, Puzzle, Beauty. The whole project assumed a standard combination of quality Onet content with thematically matched placement of the partner’s products.

In addition, the publisher offered users in the mobile version a game – a puzzle. The game consisted in arranging by sliding the finger on the screen (slide) a scattered picture, divided into 9 parts. Quite a difficult task in the game caused two-time Increasing the time spent by the user on the mobile site and also interacting with the partner’s brand.

A widget on the homepage timed to the holidays has become a traditional element implemented for such projects.

The project also had strong editorial support on the homepage of m.onet.en. The magazine, which aired during Holy Week, encouraged people to read seven of the most interesting articles featured in the Easter. The service was also supported by links on the homepage and a self-promotional campaign directing to editorial content, implemented on all Onet mobile sites.

Service stats:

131,292 UU (unique user)

258,377 PV (page view)

Statistics at a similar level were achieved by Wirtualna Polska, which also built a site for Tesco, only that it was for the Christmas holidays. However, the number of unique users on Onet is about 20 thousand. higher, despite the fact that the campaign for Tesco lasted 7 days less there. In turn, the number of page views is by more than 24 thousand. higher on WP.

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