Mobile banking – simple can be even simpler

Mobile banking – simple can be even simpler

What mobile banking users expect? Surveys show that they primarily care about quick access to the most important functions, i.e. the ability to check the balance of the account, the history of completed transactions or make transfers. Therefore, when creating the mobile application, Getin Bank focused on simplicity and intuitive solutions. At the same time, it decided to introduce personalization capabilities and develop additional functions not directly related to financial services.

– We wanted to design an application that is useful and functional, but also simple and user-friendly. Based on both our own experience and data on the needs and expectations of our customers, we have created a practical tool that we would also like to use ourselves,” says Natalia Załęcka, marketing director of Getin Noble Bank.

There are two ways to log in to Getin Mobile. By default, by typing in the access data or by using a graphic sign, so called. snake. The second option allows for faster and easier access to the account, without having to remember and type a long login and password on the phone screen.

The app has a tiled design – as best seen in the main photo – allowing personalization of settings. Users can freely compose the appearance of the mobile banking home screen, choosing those functions they use most often and hiding less necessary ones. Returning to the application’s default settings reveals all the tiles again.

Operation of the application is intuitive, clicking on a tile takes the user to the page of the selected functionality. For example, after selecting “accounts,” buttons directing to account details, history and transfers will appear on the screen. In the upper left corner on each screen there is an arrow that allows quick return to the main menu of the application.

Thanks to it, you can check account balance, details of transactions performed, make a transfer, set up a deposit or pay off a credit card.

An interesting option for compulsive saving is the “Save yourself” app, linked to Getin Mobile. It allows you to spontaneously transfer small amounts to your savings account, with just one click.

Additional options

In addition to all the standard mobile banking functionalities, Getin Mobile also has a number of additional enhancements, such as. Ability to pay with QR codes. To make a transfer, just scan the QR code from the invoice, and the payment data will be completed automatically.

In February, Getin Bank was the first in Poland to introduce a receipt storage feature to its app. It allows you to create an electronic archive of receipts, necessary for filing a claim or returning goods. It eliminates the need for users to worry about lost, faded or damaged paper receipts. All you have to do is take a picture of the bill you receive after purchase and save it in the app.

– We want to offer solutions that make life easier and minimize various minor daily inconveniences. We are constantly working to improve the mobile offering. We are testing new functions and implementing those we find most useful,” adds Załęcka.

Mobile payments

Getin Bank offers several options to enable mobile payments. Thanks to the MyWallet service prepared in cooperation with T-Mobile, you can use the fastest NFC payments on the market today. The recently introduced Getin MCM (MasterCard Mobile), in turn, allows payments to be made via mobile devices. With it, you can buy movie tickets, public transport and train tickets, pay for parking, pay bills, recharge your phone and use many other services. And visitors to the Biedronka store chain can also use mobile payments in the iKASA system.

Awards and distinctions

The Getin Mobile application is a powerful tool, which has been appreciated by market experts both in Poland and abroad. The app won a nomination in the Mobile Trend Awards, while the jury of the Banking Technology Awards recognized it as the best use of mobile technology in financial services in 2013.

The app already boasts 60,000 downloads. Downloadable from Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone Store.

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