InstaStories in various channels translated into increased sales and increased traffic to the restaurant

InstaStories across channels translated into increased sales and traffic at McDonald's restaurants

Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland group) – strategy, OMD – media buying and planning, DDB&tribal – film production and OTO Film Studio.

Duration of the campaign (action):

Fall 2018.

Media used:

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, McDonald's mobile app, TV, VOD channels, WWW.

To reach a group of millenials (consumers aged 16-24), sell 2forU products, increase guest count.

The whole idea of the campaign was based on using a form of communication close to the target audience, namely InstaStories. InstaStories format were used not only on Instagram, but also on TV, FB, YT and other communication channels. Each day a new spot was broadcast, combined with a unique product offer, available for 24 hours only. The innovation in the brand's advertising activities was the modern form of InstaStories, as well as the way of preparing advertising content – the creations were filmed entirely with a smartphone. The "2 for U Stories" spots could be seen on social media, online portals, the McDonald's mobile app and on TV.

The protagonists of the short, several-second videos were a team of six young friends and a trainer whom viewers may remember from previous 2forU McDonald's campaigns. The video itself also featured elements familiar to Instagram users, such as. stickers, dramatic zoom effect, GIFs. The campaign also included the launch of the brand's new product – the Fresh Tasty burger, available at the time at a promotional price of PLN 2.

– 29.1 million video views

– reach – 3.67 million people from TG

– segment sales growth of 14.1% YTY

– increase in guest count (number of restaurant guests): +3,45%

Increase in application downloads: +55% per day

Increase in the number of app launches: +111% per day

The most interesting observation was the significantly better results (primarily % of views) for instastories-format materials in displayed channels other than InstaStories. During this campaign, the transfer of creatives between channels proved to be a hit – it realistically translated into increased sales and traffic at McDonald's restaurants.

Jakub Leduchowski, Group Account Manager, Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network Polska)

Ilya Makei, Account Manager, Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network Poland)

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