Glycemic index and effective weight loss – what you need to know about carbohydrates in the diet

Cereal preparations are an important component of any diet, but you need to pay attention to their caloric content. An important factor affecting the properties of the productóin carbohydrates is undoubtedly dietary fiber, whichóry plays a significant role in a balanced and thoughtful menu. Another criterion to take into account when arranging a healthy menu is róAlso the glycemic index.

The glycemic index is the area under the glycemic curve after consuming a serving of a product containing 50g of carbohydrateóIn bioavailable, in leekón comparison with the field after the same serving of the reference product, glucose. This rather complicated definition informs you that the glycemic index allows you to classify food products in terms of their effect on blood glucose levels after consumption. Otherwise móIt makes it possible to determine at what rate blood glucose levels rise after eating a particular food.

Glycemic index – why it is important?

Consumption of foodów with a high glycemic index causes an increase in blood sugar levels. The body's natural reaction in such a situation is to produce insulin that changes excess sugar into glycogen, which is then converted into fat and stored. If our diet is rich in products with a high glycemic index, it is much easier for us to deposit fat than to burn it off. High insulin levels cause sugar to be quickly converted into glycogen, and the body then begins to demand another dose of carbohydrateów, which makes us hungry. It is definitely better for our body, but also for our appearance, to compose a diet with productsów with a low glycemic index. Blood sugar levels then rise slowly, and hormonal reactions occur more smoothly, and the feeling of satiety after a meal is consumed lasts longer. This makes it easier for us to take care of a slim figure, and above all – about health.

How to plan menus?

If you want to slim down effectively, often look at tables with information on the glycemic index in specific foods. Avoiding someórych foods and a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits is the easiest way toób to get rid of unwanted poundsów. A box diet can also be a good solution. What it is? Special companies, such as, Lightbox, are involved in the preparation of mealsów for the whole day, and their customers receive packaged meals ready to eat. Diet catering is very convenient, because it does not require making thoughtful purchasesów, menu planning, or even cooking – All this will be done for us by specialists. Initially, this type of sposób for weight loss was popular headównie among theód celebrityów, today anyone can benefit from it. Delivery diets are varied, and meals are not only healthy and low-calorie, but also tasty. So if an excess of mandatoryóat work and at home does not allow you to take care of planning balanced mealsów, such a solution may prove to be an effective method to achieve the figure of your dreams.

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