First steps with Yerba, or tips for beginners

The infusion made from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly, more widely known as Yerba Mate, is gaining a growing number of supporters in our countryów. The growing popularity of this remarkable drink is due to three factorsów: distinctive aroma, unique properties and a unique way of consuming it. Time for Tea brand suggests how to start your adventure with Yerba Mate and what accessories you should get to fully enjoy its taste.


Yerba Mate WildPower –
an idea for a dose of aromatic energy
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Travelling across South America, almost at every step you can meet someone holding a characteristic calabash-like vessel in their hands and sipping the warm, aromatic liquid through a special mouthpiece/tube/straw. The drink in question is, of course, Yerba Mate, an infusion made from the leaves of the Paraguayan holly plant. In Latin American countries, Yerba is the equivalent of our coffee and tea, and drinking it is almost a national tradition. Specificólnie that the vitamins and trace elements contained in holly help reduce stress, improve metabolism, and benefit the nervous system, physical and intellectual performance. Moreover, Yerba contains a high dose of matéin, whichóra gives the drinker energy and helps in being active throughout the day. The brew's distinctive, slightly bitter taste and its unique health-promoting properties have made it loved by people around the world. To his fansów include Pope Francis or the podróby Wojciech Cejrowski. Anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to spróbowańá Yerba should know, however, that its preparation and drinking are subject to a few basic rules. After all, the secret to flavor and aroma lies not only in the best dried beans and the optimal water temperature, but also in the properly selected vessel.

Step one: choosingór leaves

True gourmets of Yerba Mate agree that the first encounter with this drink is not always fully satisfying. With its characteristic astringent and at times even bitter taste, you need to get used to it and someówhich takes some time. However, it is worth the wait, because the classic variety of Yerba, e.g. YERBA OP TARAGUI ENERGIA or YERBA OP TARAGUI SIN PALO from the best Argentine plantations, offers not only amazing taste, but róalso a huge boost of energy. People whoóre at first would like to spróFor example, if you want something more delicate, you should try Yerba Mate. Brazilian YERBA MATE WILD POWER DESPALADA or roasted YERBA TOASTED with a slightly chocolate aftertaste, ideal for drinking with milk. A good solution for newcomers are róThe time for tea also offers compositions combining Yerba with dried fruits, MATE VERY BERRY with blueberries, currants and raspberries, MATE CASCARA with cascara, cranberries and black currant or MATE FITNESS with Pu-erh red tea, cherry and apple.

Step two: accessories

There is an opinion that good quality holly leaves will defend themselves, and even an infusion prepared by homemade means, e.g. in a tea kettle, will taste delicious. Indeed, there is a grain of truth in this, but if you want to get a good start on your Yerba Mate adventure, it's worth getting the necessary accessories right away. The most important of these is the bombilla, which is a special mouthpiece ending at the bottom with a filter, któThe ideal temperature is 70-80 degrees Celsius. Wybór of a particular model is an individual matter: you can bet on a stainless steel or alpaca product, or choose a natural bamboo bombilla. The second gadget, in whichóIt is worth getting a Matero, which is a ceramic vessel for brewing leaves and drinking the infusion. Supporters of more traditional solutions can replace them with kalebasse, ie. with a container made of calabash or „the sacred tree” palosanto. Such vessels guarantee a better taste experience, but they require not only proper care, but róIt also requires special preparation before the first use (the so-called. Currado process). It is worth knowing that in reputable stores you can find ready-made Mate kits, ideal for beginner gourmets. An example of such a product is A set of Yerba Mate Wild Power by Time for Tea, which includes aórego includes a ceramic vessel, a stylish bombilla and a packet of the highest quality dried.

Step three: the brewing process


Yerba Mate is a proper ritual
brewing and drinking.
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After choosing a particular type of Yerba Mate and getting the necessary accessories, you can proceed to brew the drink. First you need to put the bombilla in the vessel, and then pour Mate inside, filling it from the ¼ to ¾ volumes. Pour the whole thing with water, making sure that it is not boiling – The ideal temperature is 70-80 degrees. It is worth remembering that in the beginning it is good to opt for a smaller portion of dried, and only póThen, after getting used to the taste, prób to have a stronger and more intense brew.

Brewing Yerba Mate for the first time is a must róAlso bear in mind that it is not advisable to stir the brew with a bombilla. This is because it can lead to the formation of mud, especiallyólnie if the leaf mixture contained a large amount of dust. You should not róAlso, it is good for newcomers to hold the dried product for too long, as over time the Mate gains in strength and the bitterness becomes more noticeable. It is best to drink the infusion right after brewing, and use the holly leaves several more times during the day to prepare the next portions of Yerba.

Each subsequent infusionóThe j will be a little weaker and more delicate in taste, but will still retain its unique properties. It is worth róalso know that on hot days an interesting alternative to the traditional brew is terere, or cold Yerba. Its preparation is extremely simple – Simply pour cool water over the dry, add fruit juice and lód. Pleasant refreshment, and at the same time a huge dose of positive energy, guaranteed.

Yerba Mate to napój, after whichóry should reach out to everyone, whoóThose looking for an interesting alternative to coffee or tea. After all, when properly brewed and served in the original vessel, it will taste great, and can benefit the health and well-being of the drinker. Finally, it is worth mentioning that according to Indian legend and South American tradition, Yerba is called the „the drink of friendship”. Thus, the brew is best enjoyed not only alone, but róalso share it with those closest to their hearts.

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