Eco marketing trend or increase in consumer awareness

Eco marketing – a trend or an increase in consumer awareness?

Eco marketing has for some time now taken the marketers' vocabulary by storm and is increasingly boldly entering advertising campaigns. Environmental protection is a hot topic. We can even, successfully say, fashionable, and this is reflected in many aspects of our lives. It has not bypassed marketing either, but here the question arises. Is this a momentary trend or a trend that will continually grow?

Eco marketing in a nutshell

Eco marketing is also called green marketing (pol. Green marketing) and its inherent element is the promotion of marketing activities aimed at promoting attitudes and behaviors that take ecology into account. In practice, this means that it can apply to both manufacturer and customer actions. Until recently, brands were unlikely to put being eco first, but with the rise of consumer awareness and the promotion of living with care for the environment in mind, this is evolving very quickly. There are many indications that not much will change on this topic in the near future, and only these kinds of attitudes will gain strength. Ecological behavior manifests itself in almost every aspect of life – from food, to investing in used clothing and used books or paying attention to the composition of packaging.

Eco marketing and its forms

The question of what forms eco marketing can take can be successfully answered: the most varied. In practice, this means that they can be related to both the product in question and the way it is produced. It is not insignificant to show the company's actions when it starts, for example, to. bet on eco-friendly packaging.

It can also be activities aimed at promoting its distribution, or a promotion during which the brand's activities with a nod to ecology come into play. However, it is important to remember not to abuse the potential offered by eco marketing. Its use in some industries may just seem ridiculous, or at least inappropriate. Let's remember to keep a margin of credibility in all this, not to do anything by force. Eco-friendly attitudes are really easy to verify, and stretching the facts can do more harm than good.

Consumer behavior aimed at ensuring that all activities are directed toward living in harmony with the environment has greatly affected both the economy and all aspects of marketing. There are many indications that the resulting trend of eco marketing has a chance to enter the consciousness of marketers and companies permanently, so there are certainly still many interesting campaigns ahead of us.

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