“Doceń polskie” program preserves recipes for future generations

Racibórz, where the headquarters of the organizer of theóin the promotional program „Doceń polskie”, celebrates this year the 800th anniversary of the granting of city rights. On this occasion, on the initiative of the editors of the weekly magazine „Racibórz News” and Racib City Hallórz, a special time capsule has been prepared, whichóra will be opened at the earliest in 50 years. Future generations will find m.in. recipes laureateóin the program „Doceń polskie” and copies of the quarterly magazine „Doceń Dobre News”. The ceremonial burial of the capsule took place on November 11 this year.

Polish quality food and its productsórców we have been promoting since 2011. Not only do we respond to the current needs of producersóin and current trends of the food industry, but we also create new opportunities for even more effective promotion of Polish productsów. The program is ogóln Poland, but our headquarters are located in Raciborz, so we were happy to join in the preparation of the time capsule, whichóra commemorates the 800th anniversary of the granting of city rights. This is a unique opportunity to show future generations what Polish cuisine and the food industry looked like in 2017. We are proud to have participated in this endeavor móThe time capsule was buried at the intersection of Dluga and Bankowa streetsórca Ogóln Poland's Promotional Program „Doceń polskie”.

Program „Doceń polskie” was among the 50 companies and organizations thatóre placed goodies, photos, artwork, as well as wishes and letters to future generations and other mementos in a stainless steel container made especially for the occasion.

The capsule has a limited capacity, so we decided to add an item to it thatóry physically takes up little space, but at the same time can hold a lot of content. Speaking of USB flash drives. Flash drive with engraved sign „Doceń polskie” and 2017 includes: the program's logo, four issues of our quarterly magazine this year „Doceń Good News” In electronic version, an e-book with recipes of the laureateów of the program, photos from the certification, które held in 2017, as well as screenshots showcasing our website, fanpage and blog – enumerates M. Bielski. – The carrier also included a letter to the waspsób, które in 2067 will open a time capsule of the. The text in Polish and English provides information about the program and the people whoóhe time capsule is organized by. In addition, in the container we placed a paper edition of the quarterly magazine „Do appreciate Good News” from October this year. – mówi twórca of the program.

It is worth mentioning that the time capsule also included a special edition of the weekly newspaper „Raciborskie News”, prepared on the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the granting of city rights to Raciborz.

Number, whichóry was published on October 24 contains articles on the city's rich history, presentations of historical leadersóin Racibórz entrepreneurship and stylized advertising presentations. The edition of the wyróThe time capsule is not only in volume, but also in appearance – it refers to the graphic design of newspapers from years ago. In this „historic” issue we will also find a special text presenting the program „Doceń polskie”. The article was prepared in the convention of postwar advertising.

The capsule was buried at the intersection of Długa and Bankowa Streets. The ceremony held on November 11 was crowded with city residents, and the program „Doceń polskie” represented by its organizer, Karolina Szlapanska.

This is a special year for Racibórz, it is also symbolic for our program. In July, the XXV food attestation was held, the X edition of our quarterly magazine was recently published „Doceń Dobre News”, this year we have also prepared an e-book with 85 rówith a variety of recipes from the producerów, whoóhe products that have been awarded the „Doceń polskie”. I am glad that we can preserve these materials in a time capsule. Our program and the food industry itself are developing all the time. We don't know what Polish cuisine will look like in póage, but thanks to this initiative we will be able to remind city residents what was eaten in 2017 mówi Karolina Szlapanska.

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