Do you know how many eggs you can eat Truths and myths about limits on egg consumption

To eat or not to eat – here is the question… Wokół limitómany misconceptions and myths have grown up in the consumption of chicken eggsów. Meanwhile, eating them is a real boon for the body.

Until recently, there was a widespread belief that eggs contain large amounts of harmful cholesterol, and that swallowing the shell causes folliculitisóLAT. This is the origin of the unrelated to reality consumption limits of two eggs per week for osób healthy. The consumerów with elevated cholesterol and diabetes have been urged to give up eating eggs altogether. Years later, it turned out that the pharmaceutical industry was behind these standards and bans, który in the 1960s. Has begun to produce anticholesterol drugs on a large scale. That's why a campaign has been unleashed against products containing this compound. OpróEggs have been affected by this, for example. butter, które recommended to replace „healthier” margarine.

Good and bad… cholesterol

One thing is certain – Cholesterol is a substance essential for life. In the popular opinion it is considered something bad, meanwhile it is necessary for many processes involving hormonesóin sex, vitamin D or acidóIn the ¿ólows. However, the body must exercise control over its production and distribution. Cholesterol supplied in food is not deposited in blood vessels. The one produced in the liver is deposited, provided the body in question has metabolic problems. Then it can lead to a heart attackóin the heart.

What is in eggs

Egg is a real treasure trove of ingredientsów that help the body function properly. It contains vitamins (A, D, K, E, B and B12) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sód, zinc, selenium, copper). There are amino acids, proteins and fats in it, including those containing omega-3 fatty acids. Also valuable is the shell, whichóra strengthens bones and should be eaten in powdered form. Professor Tadeusz Trziszka, a zootechnician, food technologist and well-known expert on eggs, believes that we should eat as much of them as we feel like it. Their consumption not only does not harm, but even allows to lower the content of bad cholesterol. The more we introduce this compound by eating eggs, the less the liver will have to produce it.

Eat as much as you need

Poles are not in the world's topówka when it comes to egg consumption. As Europeans, we have fallen victim to the aforementioned anti-cholesterol urge. Countries in whichóhe countries that eat the most eggs are Japan, Israel and China. The Japanese eat 400 of them a year, twice as much as we do. According to Professor Trziszka, we can eat as many as 20-30 pieces a week, depending on individual needs. The imposition of any limit on egg consumption is moving away from American Heart Association. In contrast, the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) show that a healthy person can without obstaclesód eat up to 10 eggs a week.

Let's also remember that it is important howób we prepare the eggs, as well as what we serve them with. The most favorable form of preparing eggs for consumption is to cook them softly. Why? First of all, in this form, the egg is more digestible, secondly, the delicate truncated protein loses its allergenic properties, and finally, the most important – in the uncut ¿óthe active proteins, lipids and vitamins remain in the egg.

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