Diet for summer sirtfood – another trend or simply rational nutrition

Diet, whichóre can do more harm than good to our health, there is no shortage of them. That's why before deciding to change your diet, you should thoroughly analyze the principles of the introduced diet, preferably consulting with a doctor. Will the recently very fashionable sirtfood diet work in summer? And most importantly – whether it guarantees safe shedding of kilosów? MóWe are – check!

There is probably no fan in the world on whomórym would not be impressed by the form that the world-famous music star has achieved – Adele. The singer's new figure and statuesque appearance were covered by lifestyle media around the world. And there is nothing surprising about this. Shedding such a sizable number of poundsów while visibly feeling great, it inspires awe and encourages pófollowing in the footsteps of an idol. What is the wayób nutrition, whichóry transformed Adele's figure? Is sirtfood another miracle diet, reserved for the chosen oneów?

Be like Adele

The origin of the name itself goes back to sirtuin, the so-called "sirtfood". longevity proteins, which regulate our metabolism. These are the basis of the recently very popular diet by British scientistsów. Sirtuins are activated by polyphenols, and these plant antioxidants, due to their antioxidant and anticancer properties, have great health power. We can find them without difficulty, as they are found in readily available vegetables and fruits. But not to be so colorful – As in any diet, so in sirtfood there are rules and restrictions. Giving up sweets and alcohols (except as indicated – with red wine and dark chocolate), the productóIn the type of fast food and processed foods, it is definitely the basis. Four meals a day at intervals of no less than 1.5 h are recommended. A borderline season, after whichówe should no longer eat, is 19.00.

The course of the diet is clear – We start with the first, there is no denying – the most difficult phase, during whichócruise supply the body with 1000 kcal (3 days). We consume 3 green smoothies, as well as one solid meal. For the next four days – in the maintenance phase of the diet – we have 2 shakes, as well as 2 meals (up to 1500 kcal). The second stage – lasting 14 days – is already 3 meals and one cocktail. After three weeks, we do not have to stick to a specific menu – one should instead rely on sirtfoods. So to summarize in telegraphic shorthandócie – SIRT diet is all about incorporating specific products into the menuów – activatoróin sirtuin, while limiting the caloric content of mealsów.

In search of polyphenols

What is worth noting is that the sirtfood diet is a dietary model thatórm is far from a monotonous, tasteless menu. Because we are not limited to a very narrow group of productsów, since zrónificant foodsów with sirtuin properties are quite a lot.

– A wealth of polyphenols can be found in many vegetables and fruits, seeds and spices – mówi Katarzyna Głębocka, brand expert at Eisberg, a manufacturer of fresh mixed convenience salads and vegetables. Of the vegetables, the absolute leader is rónourishing green leaves – Such as, for example, kale, arugula, celery, parsley and spinach. These are what will be used to create healthy and filling shakes. As for fruits, the most polyphenols can be found in chokeberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, strawberries and grapes – adds the expert.

Where else are hiding valuable ingredients? Worth mentioning, for example, walnuts, buckwheat groats, green tea, olive oil, red wine or cocoa. With spices and herbsół bet on turmeric, chili peppers, lovage, thyme, ginger, sage and mint.

– As an alternative to cocktails prepared by yourself at home, can become, for example. HPP juices and smoothies. Our cold-pressed, vegan offerings include, for example. Green Juice, whichóry in its composition has Lemon juice, celery juice, ogórków or spinach – completes the expert.

The sirtfood diet is even ideal for summer, when we eat lightly and rely on fresh vegetables and fruits. Skillfully composed diet plan, bringing the product group to the forefrontóin sirtuin, will stimulate our metabolism, resulting in the loss of kilograms ofóin and strengthening the body.

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