Desperados Red is having fun with Augmented Reality. One of the first such campaigns in Poland

Desperados Red is having fun with Augmented Reality. One of the first campaigns of this type in Poland

Today's case study touches on the use of one of the most advanced mobile technologies – augmented reality. One of the two fits perfectly here. A marketer has an original product to advertise, and the agency is trying to squeeze what it can out of AR, including the ability to scratch a virtual vinyl record.




Number of visits to the mobile site: 20 thousand.

Increase in aided awareness of the new product after the campaign: 75%.

Campaign objective and description:

Desperados Red is a new, energizing beer variety owned by the ┼╗ywiec Group. July's product launch was accompanied by a press and outdoor campaign supported by interactive activities. The mobile support of the campaign was an application that, using Augumented Reality technology, recognizes ATL media (press, billboard, citylight, large format), displaying an interactive 3D animation. The use of this tool was intended to engage audiences by providing entertainment that expresses the identity of the new brand.

Augumented Reality is a technology that allows interactive elements to be displayed in augmented reality by recognizing any image. The Desperados Red app, available on iOS and Android, after scanning any of the campaign's advertising media, triggered an animation in which the ad breaks and a bottle and turntable emerge from within it.

Agency comment:

The music being played and the ability to scratch, by sliding a finger across the vinyl record, helped to replicate the atmosphere of endless good fun, of which Desperados Red is an integral part. The campaign introducing Desperados was one of the first in Poland to use AR technology as an element introducing interaction to traditional advertising media. Such an extension of the message was positively received by the target group, which is eager to engage in this type of dialogue with the brand, and was part of the modern image of the product.

AR marker active at the time of the campaign

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