Conversational commerce on the example of Allegro

Conversational commerce on the example of Allegro

This is one of the first marketing campaigns using a chatbot in Poland. New trend in mobile advertising so-called. conversational commerce.



Campaign duration:

November 28 – December 26, 2016

Media used:

Allegro’s own brand channels and press releases.


Image and sales.


We used themes (in the form of gifs) from the image Christmas video “What you are looking for at Christmas? ‘English for beginners‘ for innovative storytelling. In the image part, our goal was to further engage users in the story and present it in an interesting way. In the sales section, we reached for a carousel with the division of products into: for her, for him and for a child in order to inspire and facilitate users’ search for Christmas gifts for loved ones.



We anticipated 6,000 interactions with the chatbot. Nearly half of the users were under the age of 18.


We are always eager to test new formats, so without any hesitation we decided to work with Wandlee to create a chatbot on Messenger. We wanted to give users a new experience that would enrich the reception of the Christmas video, inspire them with Christmas gifts, and ultimately lead to a smile on their faces.


Joanna Kobylinska-Andrzejak, brand management specialist Allegro marketing department

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