Case studies mobile marketing 2014″ to download here

"Case studies mobile marketing 2014" download here

I am putting into your hands a collection of "mobile marketing case studies 2014". This year's edition is unique, and in future years a similar one may not happen again, and we may not experience "pure" mobile in such quantity and quality as we have at the moment.

Just last year, major online publishers boasted custom creations based solely on the mobile channel. In the current edition, both Onet and WP show great multiplatform ventures, where mobile was just a very thoughtful extension of the media plan. In the case of the nationwide campaign Pomoc Mierzona Kilometrami, the partner, Onet, supported it with a dedicated service adapted to mobile devices, while the whole thing was based on the popular Endomondo application. On the other hand, in Rexona's campaign on WP, the continuity of communication was determined by multiscreening, and access to the promotional message was possible on both desktop, tablet and smartphone. In the publication you will find more similar campaigns in the second chapter entitled "Multichannel campaigns using mobile", including one of the most interesting Polish creations of this year implemented with the help of Snapchat application.

The trend of multi-channel campaigns will continue to deepen, as on the one hand marketers treat mobile exclusively. On the other hand, after several years of experimentation, mobile marketing has established a certain position in the media mix on a par with press and television.

The first chapter of "Case studies mobile marketing 2014," in turn, describes the latest ways for mobile marketing agencies to attract our attention and gain the best possible reach. There were cases’y showing fresh creations in mobile advertising, which are increasingly produced in-house, rather than transferred alive from abroad, for which a big applause is due to Polish companies.

The chapter "Campaigns using other mobile tools" includes this year's real gems. I wanted to show at least one implementation based on beacon technology in the publication and it is – HG Intelligence's implementation at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK. This case touches on museology, but beacon technology is today successfully used in many other sectors around the world, such as retail, and the industry sees in it great potential for precise targeting and even better "catching the consumer in need". You will also find new model implementations of mobile applications, ingenious campaigns based on SMS marketing and an outstanding project by Artegence for Amnesty International.

Traditionally – thanks to those involved in the creation of "Case studies mobile marketing 2014" are inside. I wish you an inspiring read and thank you for downloading and sharing.

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